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Savinov V. ј.

Complex hirudotherapy. A manual for the physician. — Moscow: Meditsina Publishers, 2008. - 496 p.: ill. ISBN 5-225-03447-0

The manual covers the general and particular matters of the rapidly de­veloping area of practical medicine — complex hirudotherapy whose univer­sal program for the body's recuperation involves energy exchange normaliza­tion, spiritual and physical well-being, and local and systemic exposures of the focus of disease. It details the methods of Hirudo medicinalis application, manual abdominal pressing (Old Slavonic visceral chiropractic), vacuum and reducing dietotherapy, clay, phytotherapy, apiotherapy, and turpentine bath therapy as described by Zalmanov et al. Particular emphasis is placed on lo­cal immunity recovery methods.

Readership: wide audience of specialists working in both health care ser­vice and its related areas.

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