enNewsVladimir Alekseevich (has) presented his new book to a wide range of readers

Врачевание духовности

Vladimir Alekseevich (has) presented his new book to a wide range of readers

29 Ноября 2016 | Автор: Администратор

This book proves a new school of spriritual treatment: a possibillity to influence on the Spirit with physiccal instruments. This one  is a leech modeling Spirit. Its energetic quality is proved by clinical observations and gasdischarge visualization (Kirlian`s effect). Spiritual purifying by means of leeches is different from educational and informative voluntary methods. This method in addition to physical treatment restores the Spirit. Spiritual treatment is exposed in context ofscientific and philosophical ideals, of the Subtle Word and a human being in it and the Genesis. Philosophical ideals are used as a mean of connection of the science and the religion, knowledge and intuition, faith and critical calculations. A conclusion was drawn that the religion and the science are two branches of perception of the Nature. These two branches have not conceptual discords - the science must be moral and the religion must be scientific. This book is addressd to a large number of readers. It will save from the spiritual Apocalypse.